Market Research, Motivation Research, Trend Research

SDI Market Research provides various methods to find the key factors about markets, trends and customers.  We are exploring customer needs, market trends and potentials, customer satisfaction and competitors. Learn and get your profit about customers needs and how to meet those needs. Use our market research services to learn your product’s potential in european markets, the best prospects for your success.

Market research - facts, aims, solutions

market researchOur market research provides up-to-date data and information on market potential, trends and developments, demand patterns, target markets and customer satisfaction. B2B market research is focuses on the exploration of innovation and technological driven demand. B2C market research is specialized in the analysis of market potentials, brand images and the preparation of advertising campaigns.

Motivation research - know the reason why!

motivation researchMarket research provides facts, motivation research shows the reasons of decisions. Motivation research explains the "why" or "why not" of demand, decisions and behavior. Motivation reseach is the tool to make advertising work, product development straight and efficiently and provides market segmentation strategies driven by fundamental human needs and values.

Strategy and success

Strategisches MarketingMotivation and market research are landmarks on the road to the goal. In addition to research services, we accompany our customers in the implementation of the results of analysis. We support the development of strategies and measures as well as the evaluation of milestones and success.

On behalf of industry, commerce, tourism and service, we only perform customer exclusive market research studies. A well-tailored research design is developed for each client, according to the needs of every individual study. For the development of new markets and market segments our market research systematically collects survey data, information about trends, opportunities and developments as well as data on demographic, cultural, social, and economic situation and change.

As a full-service market research institute, we are pleased to support you in Austria, Germany and Europe!

Klimawandel und Konsumverhalten

klimawandel_konsumverhaltenFür 72% der Österreicher ist der Klimawandel eine klare Tatsache. Wie stark sich der Klimawandel auf das Konsumverhalten der Menschen und damit auf die Wirtschaft auswirken wird, zeigt unsere aktuelle Studie...

Wie Werbung wirkt

WerbungWer nicht wirbt, der stirbt. Doch die Werbeflut führt dazu, dass es immer schwieriger wird das Zielpublikum zu erreichen. Eine Studie von SDI-Research zeigt Wege, wie man trotzdem die Menschen erreicht. mehr...


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